Late Life Crisis - August 2019

Changing trains on the Underground, I saw a shabbily dressed man standing on the platform looking confused and seeking someone who would listen to him. People walked by. What did he need? Was he a vagrant? If I approached him, would I find a knife-wielding mental illness patient? Not being in a hurry, I decided to see what he wanted. The accent was heavy, and it took three goes to make sense of his words. Eventually it became clear. He was confused on how to get out of the station. My help was of course no more than middle-class North Londoner virtue-signalling, but anyway.

Late Life Crisis - June/July 2019

I have returned to the style of title I used when starting these pieces. It has been suggested that I am not grumpy as such, and perhaps that is so, if one can distinguish between grumpiness and having a slightly sceptical view on aspects of  life. So anyway, that's it.


The Great Northern train saga continues. There appear to be no more of the new trains than when I last wrote on this. I wonder if it is like buying a new home and redecorating each room as and when you have the money


Brexit and Legal Assurances

What of the papers circulated by the Government last night? Answer: the EU still has plenty wriggle room in relation to the backstop.

Warning: this is written without going back into the detail of the withdrawal documents already in play, although a good enough job can be done looking at the most recent material self-standing. And this is written without knowing the conclusions of the "Star Chamber".

As ever, the devil is in the detail.

Late Life Crisis - February 2019

Teaching a class of millenial lawyers and doing some work on the use of social media by law firms, I did a straw poll to see what the delegates were using personally by way of social media platforms. Roughly 80% said that they used Instagram, but only 20% said they used Facebook, and again only 20% for Twitter. Interesting.