Justice on the Strand

In my last blogpost I mentioned some big civil cases coming up in 2014. Most of these concern major commercial disputes. Occasionally one comes to the Royal Courts of Justice that has wider interest.

So presently argument finished a few days ago in the Court of Appeal on a claim by the Plantagenet Alliance that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling had consulted insufficiently before deciding where the remains of Richard III should be buried - their Lordships have reserved judgement.

I could go on to talk about the fascinating architecture and history of the RCJ, and of some of the famous cases that have come before it. However, better than that, I can give a link to a guest blogpost on the website of London Historians. The post is by talented artist Liam O'Farrell, and covers a recent tour of the RCJ that I did for the London Historians group.

And the post not only contains the narrative of Liam's review, but also some contemporaneous sketches that he did.


The author is a City of London and City of Westminster Guide, and former law firm partner. On Saturday 28 June he is running a free 45 minute walk: The Essence of St James's , starting at 11am, followed by a two-hour walk in the same area, Exclusive Clubs and Posh Shops, starting at 2pm (£8 full price; £6 concessions).

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