Late Life Crisis - October 2018

Buying some items from Paperchase, I saw that their bag describes themselves as "Stationery Lovers Since 1968". In 1968 I was in Paris on a school trip, walking down the Boul' Mich' and pretending that I had been there earlier in the year during the student riots. I also fell in love with a Northern Irish girl from another school trip, but she never replied to my letters after we got home. I thought then that I was at the forefront of being cool, but today 1968 is a 50 year heritage point. Life moves on. 


The 2018 Evening Standard Art Prize has been won by Ashton Attz, for an interesting-looking work called "Don't Stay in Ya Lane". Reading through the Standard's piece, I found Attz described as "they". I was initially confused - was Ashton Attz a studio? Towards the end of the piece it became clear that Attz is transgender, so the "they" is this person's pronoun of choice. Some would cry political correctedness, or virtue-signalling by the Standard. But language evolves, and what today initially seems odd and awkward may slip into convention over time - that is how it works. So good on you, Ashton Attz.


And on the subject of language, a local pizza joint proclaims on a board outside the establishment a newspaper review that it is one of the best pizzeria in London. Now that noun is a plural, and students of Italian will know that pizzeria is the singular  and that the plural is pizzerie. I could take to social media and poke fun at the usage, or I could accept that this would simply confirm me as a ghastly pedant, and keep quiet.


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