Guiding at Goldfinger's

Your first thought might be of our hero 007 lying bound in a state of testicular anxiety as the laser beam slices closer.

The truth of the Fleming connection will disappoint the fanciful, but for some it adds a frisson to a visit to Erno Goldfinger's home in Hampstead, North London.

The architectural style caused a frisson too, as elements of Hampstead society struggled with a design at 2 Willow Road that was anathema to their beliefs in what constituted good taste.

After Picasso

The earlier blogpost Before Picasso examined the journey from Pimlico Underground Station to the Tate Britain. The author is indebted for this blogpost to the excellent booklet produced as part of the Picasso and Modern Art Exhibition. The following blog effort is a reflection on the show and its London connections.

Before Picasso

The environs of Pimlico Tube Station can confuse the visitor. Roads splay off in an arbitrary arrangement. A sign indicates your exit to get to Tate Britain. It is eerily quiet.You move forward cautiously and weave round the curve of Bessborough Street. Wham bam; you are back in noisy London, with the thundering traffic of Vauxhall Bridge Road.