Justice on the Strand

In my last blogpost I mentioned some big civil cases coming up in 2014. Most of these concern major commercial disputes. Occasionally one comes to the Royal Courts of Justice that has wider interest.

Inside and Outside the Law - Big Cases in 2014

Court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand is tucked away in the North-East end of the complex, and is London’s High Court for civil litigation.

If you had reviewed the Courts Lists online or in the RCJ hall during the latter part of last year, you would have seen against Court 73: “Inquest into the death of Mark Duggan”.

Scandal and Secrets after Christmas 2013

On Saturday 28 December fellow Westminster Guide, Kathryn Prevezer, and I ran a walk entitled West End Scandal and Secrets. Below are some teaser photos. The walk covered stories from Fitzrovia and a little of Soho. We had great feedback, and hope to do the walk again during 2014.

Moses Montefiore - London and...Ramsgate

As a teenager growing up in the Isle of Thanet in Kent, I didn’t take much notice of road names.

I may have been able to deduce that The Plains of Waterloo in Ramsgate had something to do with a famous British military victory, but Grange Road in the same town was just another road, and certainly not recognised as the road leading to the house designed by Augustus Pugin and as became his family home from 1844 until his death in 1852.

Garden Court - the Chambers open for Open House

Open House London has locked up for another year. After a 2012 of suffering bewildering ballots and a wobbly website, the hard-working OH devotees have gone back to basics in 2013 and have queued, or in the case of some at Battersea Power Station have valiantly sought the end of the queue before giving up.

Amongst the gems on display was a building  that combines Grade 1 listed architecture, the home of a British Prime Minister, and the fictional home of one of Charles Dickens’ darkest characters.