The Walkie Talkie

Unusual Views over City Rooftops

One of the consolations of having a City day job is the chance to get from office receptions views that are not available to the public. This might be considered zero consolation by those who deride the wage-slave, but it is something at least.

So here are three views, with slight apologies for the limitations of shots taken through a window and from a mobile phone:

East, across the Smithfield rooftops

Walking Bridge Ward - a Few City Secrets

The Ward of Bridge is one of the 25 Wards that make up the administrative districts of the City of London. For most of us, the Ward connotation surfaces only when we are called upon to vote in local authority elections, but the richness of the City’s culture and history means that each of its Wards is replete with interesting things to see and talk about.

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